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Pre-School 3-5 Years


The ECCE Year



The ECCE is a scheme designed to give children access to a free Pre-school Year of appropriate programme-based activities in the year before they start primary school.



Participation in a pre-school programme provides children with their first formal experience of early learning, the starting-point of their educational and social development outside the home.



Children who avail of pre-school are more likely to be ready for school and a formal learning and social environment.



Will my child be eligible?



The ECCE Scheme is open to all children aged between 3 years 3 months and 4 years 6 months at any stage during the September of each pre-school year (i.e. in practice, this includes all children of at least 3 years, 2 months and 1 day old on 1st September, but under 4 years, 7 months of age on that date).



Session Times: 9.15am- 12.15pm or 1.15pm-4.15pm


Additional Extras

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How is the Pre-school Year funded?



Services participating in the scheme will be paid a capitation fee by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA) for each qualifying child enrolled. In return, the service will be required to provide an appropriate programme of activities in early childhood care and education (ECCE) which will be free to parents.



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